21st Annual Mutt Strut


By registering for the Mutt Strut, you agree to the following:

In consideration of participating in Sequoia Humane Society’s 21st Annual Mutt Strut and for the safety of all others, I agree to:

~Pick up my pet's waste with the bag(s) provided or with my own bags.
~Bring only dogs who are current on their rabies vaccinations.
~Deposit recyclable items in the recycling bins at Woofstock or in Old Town Eureka.
~Keep my pet leashed so that it cannot move more than six feet from me with a fixed length leash or a retractable leash extended to no more than six feet.
~Assure that my dog is under control at all times and not a danger to others when in close proximity to the Mutt Strut participants and their dogs.
~Deposit bagged animal waste and other trash in appropriate trash containers.
~Look both ways before proceeding across intersections.
~Permit, without compensation or recourse, The Sequoia Humane Society to use photographs of me and/or my pet(s) for the benefit of the animals cared for by the SHS.
~I understand that the continued use of Halvorsen Park for the SHS's annual Mutt Strut event depends on participants complying with the above conditions. I understand that the failure to comply with these conditions may compromise the future of the Mutt Strut event at this location. If I am unable to comply with any of the above conditions, I agree to leave the event premises when asked to do so by an SHS staff member or volunteer.





Woofstock and the Mutt Strut is a Non-Profit Event.
All proceeds go to support the Sequoia Humane Society
A No-Kill Shelter Promoting Spay/Neuter


Sequoia Humane Society
Phone: (707) 442-1782
Fax: (707) 442-3847
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6073 Loma Avenue
Eureka, California 95503
Website: Sequoia Humane Society






Tickets only at the Gate!

$10/family (max. 6)
Dogs Free, as always!

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